Monday, July 26, 2010

Age is Just A Number


AGE is definitely a  big deal when it comes to classic cars!

Every Friday night  all the old timers come out and park; the classic cars of yesteryear that are so beautifully restored by their owners and kept in mint condition for all to see.  It is amazing the amount of people that come to see this free event every Friday night.  I don't know how this event got started or how they decided to meet in the middle of town in this very parking lot, but I am glad they do.  

Times are changing so fast that we can hardly remember what was in last year let alone fifty years ago.  Buy a cell phone now and it will be obsolete in a year.  We can Google items we once loved and have them pop up on a Wikipedia note.  That seems to be the only way we can glimpse parts of at time we once knew.

The owners to these beautiful driving machines know what to do to keep these icons alive and well-polished for us to remember.  Here are just a few of the wonderful cars I was able to see and peek inside a world that seems far forgotten.  Enjoy!

A Class Act

One Hot Bod

Ornamental Fun

Grill Baby Grill



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